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Mommy Morgan is here to make your wildest fantasies come true. She will make you cum as you have never cum before, and what’s more? She won’t ever take no for an answer. Mommy will look after your needs only if you promise to look after hers later. Are you a submissive man who needs mommy to take care of him? Do you want to see how far you can take your sexual fantasies? If yes, Mommy Morgan is all you need. She will make you scream and then some more.

Mommy Morgan will make you clean yourself up every time you dirty the diaper if you're being bad. If you are a good boy for mommy, she will tidy you up herself. Mommy doesn't like it when you say no, so be good and always say yes to everything she says. She can choke you with her big tits and make you never want to leave. If you are into feet, she will make you hard through your diapers just by using her feet. She is not afraid to push you to your limits, and she will make you do things you never thought you would. Mommy Morgan will make you do anything she wants, and you can't refuse.

She won't do everything you want her to do right away. Mommy Morgan knows how to tease you. If your sexual fantasies are too vanilla, then you won't be able to keep up with her. She is a bad mommy, and she knows it. Mommy Morgan is as bad as they come. She is a bad mom, and she will punish you if you are bad. She is hardcore, so she will do anything to make you moan with pleasure. You will know both pain and pleasure.

If you have a dirty diaper Mommy Morgan will take care of you. She will clean you up real nice, but after that, you will do everything she says. She will make you suck her big boobs while she takes your diapers off. If you make Mommy Morgan mad, she will tie you up to the bedpost. Then she will stroke you and make you harder than you have ever been before, but she will stop in a few strokes. She will tease you until you can’t take it anymore. If you are too loud, she will gag you and then make you cum harder.

Mommy Morgan is not afraid to bring out the toys in the bedroom. She will dominate you into trying things you have never done before. She won't take no for an answer, so be ready and take whatever mommy gives you. She likes it rough, and you will have to please mommy the way she wants you to. She is an expert in sissification and can turn any man into a sissy in a day. If you want mommy to take care of you, then do as she says. Mommy Morgan knows how to keep you happy, too, so trust her with everything. You don’t have a choice !

  • On the chair, a man in diapers is taking a picture.
    Mommy Morgan has my balls in a vice and I never want her to let go. She is now in full control of my orgasm. I can only beg for more and do as I’m told. Thank you I will always be your little slave and do whatever you tell me to do.
  • A simple-looking old man is standing there and exudes sex.
    OMG she is amazing!!! She made me cum three times. Never have I experienced something more crazy. I am not looking anywhere else. HOOKED I was a good little submissive baby.
  • A Lift Selfie man is in the elevator.
    Amazing experience. Ensures you know who is in charge and all the little tricks that go along with it. Amazing latex skirt too ... Yum! Highly recommended.
  • Forced Enema

  • Timeout

  • Paddling

  • Forced Sissy

Diaper Emergency 1 (800) 804-3166
September 16, 2020

Adult Diaper Change

My new mommy expressed “I additionally will advise her regarding the guidelines in this house and any of the disciplines and methodology that we have here.” Said Mommy as she dropped the last utilized wipe into my wet diaper and afterward she took my unrolled, opened up, open diaper over to the diaper removal chute, opened the chute entryway and afterward positioned my diaper onto the entryway then she shut it. At that point she returned over to complete the process of diapering me I love wearing adult diapers. She initially headed toward the diaper wash room to open a […]
September 16, 2020

Adult Baby Potty Training

All through dinner stewart noted the pressure building on his bladder and suppressed his need to go to the toilet thinking it would be rude to get up half way through a meal. By the end of dinner he was virtually bursting. Emily found it cute the way he had started squirming in his seat and guessed the diuretics along with the wine was starting to have an effect on poor Stewart. Once done with their meals Stewart was virtually tapping one leg up and down in a jig. “Excuse me Emily but I think I must go find the […]